[OSM-dev] gosmore (null) street type in CGI output

Florian Lohoff flo at rfc822.org
Mon Dec 1 17:07:56 GMT 2008

i am seeing a strange "(null)" in the street type in the gosmore output:

gosmore of today + germany export of today:

QUERY_STRING="flat=51.7780&flon=8.3656&tlat=51.8806&tlon=8.4726&fast=0&v=motorcar" ./gosmore

51.863919,8.448791,j,secondary,Varenseller Straße
51.864609,8.449209,j,secondary,Varenseller Straße
51.865037,8.449510,J,(null),Varenseller Straße
51.866062,8.450132,J,(null),Varenseller Straße
51.866326,8.450335,j,secondary,Varenseller Straße
51.867706,8.451242,j,secondary,Varenseller Straße

I had a look at the street segment and i couldnt find anything strange
in the data.

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