[OSM-dev] How to stop "daviddean" to mess up icons?

Matthias Julius lists at julius-net.net
Mon Dec 1 21:39:23 GMT 2008

Ulf Lamping <ulf.lamping at googlemail.com> writes:

> user daviddean has added transparency to more icons in svn, which is not 
> generally a bad idea - except for this case here.
> The icons in question don't have a transparent background, as you 
> otherwise don't see it in JOSM - black telephone icon on black ground is 
> not a very good idea.
> So the question: I've asked on this list daviddean a few weeks? ago to 
> stop, but got no answer.
> As he messed up some more icons some days ago, I fear this will continue.
> So how can we stop daviddean to mess up the JOSM display?

Are these icons primarly meant to be for JOSM?

If you allow transparency in icons you have a problem anyway since you
are not in control of the background color.  Or the icons have to be
designed to be visible on any background (like having an outline).


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