[OSM-dev] How to stop "daviddean" to mess up icons?

Hugh Barnes list.osm at hughbris.com
Tue Dec 2 11:47:56 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 02 December 2008 08:23:51, Ulf Lamping did write:

> Anyway, I had the very immediate interest to deal with the current
> situation, as there are already several users complaining about the icon
> display in JOSM and there's also a trac ticket about this.
> So fixing up the icons myself and waiting for david to revert my changes
> was not the way I intended to go ;-)

I noticed your post a few weeks ago and am guilty of forgetting to mention it 
to David the couple of times I've seen him since, and probably for assuming 
he'd seen it some other how.

And it's probably a good idea for users who commit code to be on this list. 
What's the point of saying that on the list? ~:~|

Now we can lay this thread to rest. We all learned some things and became 
better people :~)

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