[OSM-dev] Any tile statistics (unique visitors)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Dec 7 10:03:06 GMT 2008


Tom Hughes wrote:
> Well good for you. In this country we take protecting people's personal 
> data a bit more seriously that you apparently do.

Which is good, given the enormous amount of people's personal data that 
is collected in your country in the first place. May I suggest that you 
could just go with tradition and mislay an external hard drive full of 
log file data somewhere on a train ;-)

But seriously, people demanding - or politely asking for - Apache log 
files is a topic that has been with us for as long as I can think. Steve 
  once made a log file with API requests available in an anonymized way:


And he also put a script there that does the anonymising. Maybe this can 
be repeated once every few months, and maybe it can also be run on tile 
access stats? I don't see why the creation of nifty access intensity 
images should be restricted to people with root at osm - that's what we 
have a crowd for. Also, speaking as someone remotely involved in the 
setup of a national tile server architecture, such numbers would give 
people in various countries an idea of how much traffic to plan for once 
they set up their own servers.

If one can manage to ignore the rather demanding and not exactly polite 
way in which Stefan was asking for information... the availability of 
anonymized log files, not even permanently, just a snapshot every now 
and then, would be a good for us all and I cannot think of a valid 
reason not to provide them, except of course the "I am the only one who 
has access and I have no time" argument, which, if used, should lead to 
granting access to additional trustworthy people who do have the time.


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