[OSM-dev] Osmosis Output Error

Andrew Ayre andy at britishideas.com
Tue Dec 9 22:40:55 GMT 2008

Brett Henderson wrote:
> Karl Newman wrote:
>> So, sounds like the most recent changes are not the issue. Do you know 
>> if SRTM2OSM creates entities with negative ids? If not, you may run 
>> into collisions with the other data file that you're trying to merge.
>> Karl
> Andrew, it would be great if you could put your files online somewhere.  
> I'll take a look this evening if Karl doesn't beat me to it.
> My biggest concern at this point is that you don't appear to be getting 
> a decent error message.  Perhaps I'm losing an exception stack trace 
> somewhere.  It makes it hard to diagnose the problem.
> Brett

Karl - I'm not sure if SRTM2OSM produces entities with negative IDs. 
I'll try to check into that. But I think other people are doing the same 
thing I'm trying to do, making me wonder if I am doing something wrong here.

Brett - I've uploaded the files to:


Note that I am running this on a set of 26 pairs of tiles. I get this 
errors on six of the pairs. The others seem to be OK, although I haven't 
rendered them yet to check.

Thanks for the help! Andy

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