[OSM-dev] [Merkaartor] Crowd Sourced Testing of OSM 0.6 API

Shaun McDonald Shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk
Fri Dec 12 19:09:03 GMT 2008

On 12 Dec 2008, at 19:02, Chris Browet wrote:

> Thanks a lot for digging into this.
> You should make the following changes:
> changeset from osm element => way element
> version isn't required
> when creating an id is not required
> the created by tag is no longer required on nodes/ways/relations, as  
> it is now on the changeset.
> Which means that you end up with:
> <osm><way><nd ref=../><tag k=.. v=../></way></osm>
> If I understand you, it should be:
> <osm><way changeset=xx><nd ref=../><tag k=.. v=../></way></osm>
> Otherwise, it's the same as 0.5...

Doh!, your paying attention. :-)

When you are updating and deleting you need the version for the way,  
as well as the changeset.


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