[OSM-dev] [Merkaartor] Crowd Sourced Testing of OSM 0.6 API

Shaun McDonald Shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk
Sun Dec 14 10:12:14 GMT 2008

On 14 Dec 2008, at 10:04, Chris Browet wrote:

> I'll try a Passenger recompilation soon to see if anything odd
> happened in the upgrade, else I'll roll back to the 2.0.3 version
> which I seem to recall worked fine with Merkaartor.
> Thanks for checking that out.
> I can confirm that a "by-the-book" installation (i.e. "http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/The_Rails_Port 
> ") of SVN OSM on a linux box of mine dot not exhibit the problem, as  
> Shaun pointed out. The linux box is not the same as the Merkaartor  
> one, although it's LAN and not WAN.
> I'm not familiar with the OSM infrastructure, but I seem to  
> understand you're not using the documented way ("ruby script/ 
> server") but going through apache/mod_ruby or something equivalent,  
> right?

We're using apache/mod_rails

> Is this setup documented somewhere, so that I could at least try to  
> reproduce?


> If the current setup is working with other clients, it seems logical  
> for me to somehow fix Merkaartor rather than you altering the server  
> setup...



> - Chris -

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