[OSM-dev] Machine-readable list of map features?

sylvain letuffe liste at letuffe.org
Thu Dec 18 13:34:57 GMT 2008

> Not directly.
> The Tagwatch script already parse the Wiki (not only the Map Feature page)
> to  

And so does the maplint error checker, and maybe others.

I have send an email a month ago willing to find human ressources to construct 
such an xml file
( with descriptions, tags, icons, categories, localisation, assumed defaults, 
applies to, etc..)

IMHO parsing a wiki is not a very good idea, sooner or later it will fail or 
become even harder as many accepted features are no more on the map feature 
Their have been rumors that integrating directly into the osm API could be a 

> But if more people need such a list I could offer a xml-based equivalent
> that  

The first version could be auto generated, but the next step would imho be to 
maintain it as a separated file (or db).

We could dream of conversion to mapnik style files, josm/osm2go/potlatch/... 
online presets, error checkers, tagwatch tool, ...

what about starting a wiki page proposing that ? discussing the informations 
that we need in ?

Sylvain Letuffe liste at letuffe.org
qui suis-je : http://slyserv.dyndns.org

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