[OSM-dev] Machine-readable list of map features?

sylvain letuffe liste at letuffe.org
Thu Dec 18 14:26:22 GMT 2008


> This might end with a few peoples try to decide what tags should be used and 
> what not. This is far away from what "many of us" stand for.

Totally true, it might be off topic as we are on the dev list, but this has to 
be taken into account somehow. A first step would be to add to this file just 
what is on the wiki

Some might argue that this is duplicate work, but I wonder what is longer 
between :
- maintaining one xml file in "almost sync" machine readable
- every developper parsing the wiki in it's own way

At a JOSM side, the work is allready 95% done for the presets (with 
translation, icons, categories, etc...) osm2go is allready taking advantage 
of this work, if I would be to start writing this file, I'll just go over 
JOSM's and improve it 

> That's the reason parsing the Wiki is the better choice. This way everyone
> can  
> add the description to his Tagging and others will know about it. 

I don't want to end the wiki, it's one of the best way to be the "source 
tagging information" and discussion place, even for non-developpers.

I have a wish to split the wiki map features page to make it much readable, it 
has come more and more unusable to me because too big. There are some 
objections because that will break some parsing tools but imho this is not a 
good reason, because those tools shouldn't do that in the first place.

We are limiting our way of arranging things because of them, this has to stop 
josm, merkator, potlatch, mapnik styles allready have their own copy, let's 
merge efforts

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