[OSM-dev] Machine-readable list of map features?

Etric Celine etricceline at googlemail.com
Thu Dec 18 14:52:01 GMT 2008

> - every developper parsing the wiki in it's own way
This should be avoided as good as possible. The wikiserver can't handle many 
scripts parsing the Wiki which was the reason the Tagwatch script was blocked 
for a few days. 

I didn't know that other tools already parse the Wiki in their own way. So it 
seems we should find a "good" solution for everyone to avoid it and use a 
unified service for it.

> I have a wish to split the wiki map features page to make it much readable,
> it has come more and more unusable to me because too big.

I agree the Map Feature page is a pain right now.
At the moment you could also just use the Key:<something> / Tag:<something> 
sub pages to get the informations.

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