[OSM-dev] Machine-readable list of map features?

Olaf Hannemann ohannemann at opensource-werkstatt-stubben.org
Thu Dec 18 16:46:11 GMT 2008

Am Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2008 17:16:16 schrieb Karl Guggisberg:
> I'd suggest to
> - create a wiki page
> - identify the use cases for this list and document on the wiki, i.e.
>     * list can be used for immediate user feedback in online editors
>       (potlatch, josm, etc.)
>     * list can be used in validation tools
>     * list shall *NOT* be used to enforce the usage of a predefined set of
>       tags
>     * others?
> - create a proposal for the "data model" to be provided by this lists,
>   discuss it and agree to it
> - create a proposal for the machine readable "encoding" (xml, structured
>   ascii, whatever), discuss it and agree to it
> - create a proposal for the data flow, discuss it and agree to it
>   - where is the data maintained? On the wiki? somewhere else? In other
>     words: where is the master
>   - which tool/tools generate "the list"?
>   - where is "the list" deployed to and how can we retrieve it from there?

Totally agreed. I am a little bit pinched for time today. Will dig into it 



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