[OSM-dev] Broken objects rendering (angles and shape)

Rafał Miłecki zajec5 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 01:56:32 GMT 2008

W dniu 25 grudnia 2008 02:52 użytkownik Thomas Wood
<grand.edgemaster at gmail.com> napisał:
> Both projections are 'correct' in their own ways. Mercator preserves
> shape and angles much better than EPSG:4326 (plain lat/lon) does.
> JOSM used lat/lon by default for use with some WMS servers that only
> produced images in this projection. I'm not sure what the status of
> this is with the new wmsplugin.

Thank you for explaination!

> Would it be worthwhile reconsidering the default?

For sure if you don't want to have new users confused just like me :)

Rafał Miłecki

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