[OSM-dev] ROMA servers down - osmosis large way problem

milenko at king-nerd.com milenko at king-nerd.com
Sun Dec 28 21:38:03 GMT 2008

What is the TRAPI server? (besides apparently very quick?)  Any specs/munin graphs for the curious?

It's pretty much handling the load all by itself today.


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+--On 28 décembre 2008 14:31:40 -0500 Jeremy Adams <milenko at king-nerd.com>
| It's not the ROMA script that's failing - osmosis is failing while it's
| trying to update the database using changesets from the main API.
| Whatever db schema the main API uses must allow for this, while the one
| for osmosis that was used to setup at least my server does not.

I don't really see why it would be a db schema problem (it didn't fail on
my ROMA), it's not as if the ways table has nd1, nd2, nd3, ... nd39999
fields :-)

Also, I've added the TRAPI server to the ROMA load balancer because well,
there was only me for a few hours, and it was making me nervous, which was
a good thing, because my ROMA is down now. (A drive earlier today failed,
I'll try to fix it in a week when I come back from holiday.)

Mathieu Arnold

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