[OSM-dev] ROMA servers down - osmosis large way problem

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Dec 30 12:19:05 GMT 2008


Stefan de Konink wrote:
> The latter still requires the same client/server modifications + 
> modifications in all current node relations. Hence it will cost more time.

No it doesn't; 99.9% of all ways don't violate the new criteria so all 
tools will work perfectly for them.

> Even in 0.5 relations can be ordered using the type='...'.

You're getting (more) ridiculous.

What are you trying to prove here? That you're right and the rest is 
wrong? That you are a masterful programmer and the others just dumb 

OpenStreetMap is shit, our software sucks, the design is non-existant 
or, where existant, comes from the last millennium, we use out-of date 
databases, stupid schemas, unprofessional programming languages, we have 
no project management and all our admins and programmers are complete 
idiots. Is that what you want to hear?

Your attitude is unbearable. You have absolutely no understanding of how 
this project works, or indeed any other project of similar size. Yet you 
continue to shower us with advice that is either trivial or unworkable 
given the available resources.

You have meanwhile reached a point where I'd rather see the project go 
down in flames than implement a single one of your ideas. Do it yourself 
or go to hell.


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