[OSM-dev] ROMA servers down - osmosis large way problem

Matthias Julius lists at julius-net.net
Wed Dec 31 07:37:58 GMT 2008

Stefan de Konink <stefan at konink.de> writes:

> Matthias Julius wrote:
>> ... but not a tree of relations.  Every relation is a tree (almost).
>> So I don't see a particular problem in making a boundary a relation,
>> too.
> Some people wanted to limit ways/relations to 2k of nodes. If you do 
> allow relations to have all these extra subrelations then what are you 
> going to solve in the end? This is enforcing a clueless limit and not 
> solving the fundamental problem why this limit is justified; and no that 
> has nothing to do with data storage.

Not subrelations, but a relation with 2000 ways with 2000 nodes each.

And no it has nothing to do with storage, only with data managable for

> As I mentioned earlier, there is no need for even the concept 'way'; 
> since you can store a relation with tag highway=whatever. So fundamental 
> issues:

I think keeping ways as linear primitives is a good idea.


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