[OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] Error while uploading with JOSM

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Thu Feb 7 23:45:21 GMT 2008

On 07/02/2008 22:18, Keith Thomson wrote:
> David Earl wrote:
>> For the third time in a row, on separate occasions over three weeks that 
>> I have been uploading a significant amount of data from JOSM, this has 
>> happened again.
 > ...
> I have had the same problem while running coastline uploads.  Im pretty 
> sure its more of an ISP problem as when the situation occurs there are 
> other websites that become unavailable for me (e.g. 
> http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/research/dtg/weather/ as well as openstreetmap) 
> while other sites are perfectly accessible still.  Being near Cambridge, 
> your ISP wouldnt happen to be NTL/Virgin would it?  That is my isp....

It would indeed, and I had wondered whether they may be applying some 
naive test for "dubious activity".

It is only www.openstreetmap.org.uk that gets blocked (I can still get 
at all other web sites, including the OSM wiki, so it is either domain 
or IP specific (I'll check which next time it happens) and it has always 
been in exactly the same circumstances at the same stage in the upload. 
The feature of the API REST interface is lots of rapid, small 
independent requests, which would be pretty unusual for most people.

I'll try to reproduce it and see if I can still get at the server via 
another route while it appears to be inaccessible directly.

I'm 99% certain that there isn't anything in my router that will block 
outgoing requests like this - the router doesn't look at that level, 
it's only concerned with packets.

But I did also wonder whether MS Windows Defender might be doing 
something behind my back. It would be odd to apply it to outgoing 
requests, but if they were trying to protect users against trojans, they 
might try to protect users against their machine being used as what 
might look like the source of a DoS attack.

> On 07/02/2008 21:58, Tom Hughes wrote:
>> It isn't specifically an API problem as the symptoms are that I get
>> locked out of the www.openstreetmap.org domain as a whole, not just JOSM
>> uploads.
> Well that's all the same server, so I'm not quite sure what you
> mean by that?

I just meant that it didn't appear to be a problem with the API alone. 
(However, it could have been something in the API or how I am using it 
that was making the server inaccessible for some reason - e.g. crashing 
it - but you confirmed this wasn't the case).

> Are you sure you hadn't just lost network connectivity to UCL for
> some reason? Were you actually able to connect to the server?

No I wasn't, but because the symptoms were each time precisely the same 
and specifically to do with uploading via JOSM, the obvious first place 
to look is with something specific to the operation, and then with 
something to do with the server. When I can't see some server at all but 
can see the rest of the world without problems, my first thought is that 
it is the server, not me or my ISP. Isn't that a reasonable first 

Also, the last time it happened, someone else posted a message which 
reported identical symptoms at around the same time. I really don't 
think any more that it can be coincidence, but that doesn't mean it is a 
server problem either, just that it is the first place to look.

Curiously, when it comes back, the upload has always continued to 
completion, even when there is more remaining to do than the original 
upload did before dropping out.


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