[OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] Error while uploading with JOSM

Andy Robinson (blackadder) blackadderajr at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 8 11:44:29 GMT 2008

David Earl wrote:
>Sent: 08 February 2008 11:35 AM
>To: Tom Hughes
>Cc: dev at openstreetmap.org
>Subject: Re: [OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] Error while uploading with JOSM
>On 08/02/2008 11:17, Tom Hughes wrote:
>>> BUT, there appears to be a server setting for lighttpd
>>> 'max-keep-alive-requests' (default 128 - what is it on ours?) after
>>> which the connection is dropped.
>> The config is in the repo:
>>   http://svn.openstreetmap.org/sites/rails_port/config/lighttpd.conf
>> but we don't set that at all, so it is whatever the default is, which
>> according to the doco is 16 requests with a 30 second idle timeout.
>Hmm. So it does. The first page I got Googling it was
>which says it is 128. I guess I should believe lighttpd.net
>> The only thing is that allowing too much keep-alive might lead to
>> people managing to "hog" the server.
>So what is causing this consistent upload failure at around 250
>requests? Is this also something only I'm seeing in this completely
>consistent way, or does everyone get this? (Or do most people upload
>less more often so not get into the position in the first place?)

I certainly used to see the same thing last year on Virgin and I had a
number of discussions with Tom on irc trying to work out what was going
wrong. The problem for me has simply gone away since I changed away from



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