[OSM-dev] disputed areas

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Feb 9 20:48:45 GMT 2008


> My suggestion is to encourage those guy to host their own localized maps.
> - Drop the name rendering for this region on all the OSM-hosted maps ?
> - Only render localized names for this region to lower the importance of 
> the "name" tag ?

If an immediate response is desired, my choice would be to just drop
rendering of Cyprus *altogheter* on our maps. That could be done with
relative ease as we'd only have to stop serving the tiles in question,
which might even be done through apache config rules (bit scary for
the Z18 stuff perhaps, haven't done the numbers).

There are many other places in the world where our map is blank, so we
don't lose a lot by not showing Cyprus. The data would still be there
and could be edited with JOSM but with it not being rendered, we'd
have effectively taken the toy away from the children.

All this of course to encourage them to find a peaceful solution...


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