[OSM-dev] Call for prospective PhD research students

Francisco Câmara Pereira camara at dei.uc.pt
Sun Feb 10 13:30:24 GMT 2008

Dear OSMers,

We are running a project, called YouTrace, that is foused on  
automatically building maps out of sets of GPS traces. It follows  
some of the ideas of Map Generation (from the University of  
Dortmund), in fact it has also their collaboration. In YouTrace,  
aside from the "obvious" collaborative map of the world construction,  
other goals are being sought, namely on trace analysis (what movement  
patterns can we find? which profiles?), mobility optimization (how  
can we suggest people to spend less money/gas/time in their trips?),  
feature extraction (how can we automatically infer features from GPS  
traces?), etc.

One of the ideas, of course, is to link it to Open Street Map  
eventually (actually, a researcher is already attacking that part)  
and we need as many people as possible to achieve the best results.  
As I'm sure you know, the task is all but trivial.

In other words, I'm inviting any of you interested in doing a 3-4  
year PhD program at my University (University of Coimbra, Portugal)  
within the YouTrace project, to contact me. The idea is to fund this  
(or these) student(s) with FCT grants (which means around 1000 euro/ 
month). To apply for these grants, a set of conditions must be met:
- Have an MSc degree in a recognized institution
- Have background in Computer Science, Informatics Engineering,  
Electrical Engineering or related, obtained in recognized institutions.
- Have a good and promising CV (which means either having  
publications and/or professional experience)
- Be willing to embark in this project
- Be (most preferrably) European - there may be other options for non- 
EU candidates
- Speak fluent english, spanish or portuguese

So, I'm sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but I'm confident that  
it may interest some people!

Best regards
	Francisco C Pereira

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