[OSM-dev] disputed areas

Gervase Markham gerv-gmane at gerv.net
Mon Feb 11 17:10:09 GMT 2008

SteveC wrote:
> The point was we're (sorry, you're) designing Death Stars to stop a  
> 'problem' that nobody has actually complained about.

I haven't designed anything, much less a Death SAtar. I may have made a 
few suggestions, but only in a "so, people who know the code, how hard 
would this be to implement?" sort of way.

I think the Cyprus issue is the canary in the coal mine. Unless you 
think this is the worst dispute we're ever going to get, then we need to 
use it as a test case to work out what measures, both social and 
technical, we can implement to deal with the problem. We should be 
fortunate that we don't currently have an edit war over the whole of 
China, where a Taiwanese person is persistently changing all the place 
names to use Traditional characters.


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