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Robert (Jamie) Munro rjmunro at arjam.net
Wed Feb 13 13:23:36 GMT 2008

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80n wrote:
| There's potential for conflicts over things other than just names:
| A solution that worked just for names would not deal with all

There are 2 parts to the problem:
1. Technical: How do we stop people putting the wrong data.
2. Social: How do the adminstrators decide what the right data is.

I think that Gerv's proposed technical solution of adding a boolean
locked field to nodes which we update when we change the bounding boxes
works for anything as a first stab. It can be improved or replaced
later, with certain users having admin rights over certain BBOXes etc.
The main thing is to handle this Cyprus case ASAP.

Different social solutions will be needed in different circumstances,
but we can consider them on a case by case basis. In order to change the
name of a disputed street, I suggest we demand at least a georeferenced
photograph of a street sign.

| - Administrative boundaries (eg Kashmir)

Hopefully where a dispute is in progress we will often be able to mark
both sides of the dispute, and not have an edit war. I suppose people
from one side or the other might change the tagging, then we'll have to
lock the ways.

| - Road classifications; some people might be tempted to lower the
| classification of the road outside their house to reduce traffic

"Results oriented vandalism". We'll have to lock the individual way, and
again require photographic evidence that the state has been lowered.

| - Footpaths - disputed rights of access to farmland etc
| - Private roads and driveways

If they are private they should be marked private. I don't think there
will be edit wars over them.

| - Military buildings and secure facilities

I think that if a Government wants us to remove something, we should
probably accept for the time being. We're not a political movement about
exposing secret government facilities, we are about getting maps of the
places people want to visit every day. It's possible that we could open
dialogues with some governments, and turn that into useful data on the
map in non-disputed parts of the country. I'm not sure about this, though.

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