[OSM-dev] FAQ pointer?

Tom Enterline (OSM) osm at enterline.us
Thu Feb 14 01:10:07 GMT 2008


Is there a dev FAQ? If so, please point me in the direction...

I didn't see a way to search the mail list archives, either.

I've been following the steps in 
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/The_Rails_Port. I've never used 
Mysql before, and installed it from Synaptic. I am now at the 
"Installing the quadtile functions" step.

I ran into a problem compiling the db functions.  I'm getting a lot of 
messages about what look like missing mysql header files, (my_global.h, 
my_sys.h, m_string.h, mysql.h, etc). Where do I get the header files?


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