[OSM-dev] Notes on dev environment setup

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Fri Feb 15 23:07:16 GMT 2008

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          "Tom Enterline (OSM)" <osm at enterline.us> wrote:

> 2. I installed SqlSessionStore via
> svn co http://railsexpress.de/svn/plugins/sql_session_store/trunk  \
>   sql_session_store.

That should have happened automatically - there is an external that
should check that out for you.

> 3. The Ruby libxml bindings are listed as a pre-requisite, but no hints
> on how to install. I did "gem install libxml_ruby".

This is complicated as you really need to use a patched version as
the current release version leaks like a sieve - at least I don't
think the new one has been promoted to release status yet.

> 4. The current database.yml does not have a socket parameter. On the
> other hand, the comments say you need to "gem install mysql", so I did.

You shouldn't need a socket parameter if the database is local.

> 5. I found the database schema version (8 versus 10) confusing.

Well 10 should have been fine. You only had a problem because you
tried to load data with Osmosis and it seems Osmosis is out of date.

The business of having to stick at 10 is not my fault - somebody
else decided to half implement something and commit the database
schema changes without the supporting code changes.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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