[OSM-dev] Data checks?

Tom Enterline (OSM) osm at enterline.us
Fri Feb 15 22:38:53 GMT 2008


Now that I have my environment working (thanks again!), I'm now ready to 
do something with it. On the Things_To_Do page, I saw the 
Task:_Data_Consistency_Checks, which seemed to fit my skills, and so I 
(gulp) signed up for it.

My qualifications:
I have several years of experience working with small to medium size 
(millions of rows) databases, in Oracle, Access, and PostgreSQL. As I 
mentioned before I'm a newbie with respect to Mysql and OSM.

What I've done so far with OSM:
I've done some editing in Potlatch and JOSM of my local area of the 
TIGER data. I've also loaded some GPS data.
I loaded my US State (Pennsylvania) into Mysql, and done some simple 

What has already been done on data checks, and is anyone else working on 
it? What would be some good ideas to start with, and goals to work toward?

Tom E.

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