[OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] Trouble in Rangoon

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Feb 29 14:32:03 GMT 2008


>> I really commend your work and I
>> hope you don't take this personally but all this project plan and
>> milestone and deadline business is not how *I* want to work on OSM.
> Is anyone suggesting that you be the contractor?

Well I have been asked whether I'd be willing to "oversee the project  
from a technical perspective and help [...] set up a technical  
project description for the funding organisation", and replied with  
the above.

> I may have misunderstood, but I thought NLnet were offering to pay
> particular, named people to perform certain work.

Maybe, but that wasn't what was discussed in this thread. I said that  
the whole changeset/revert issue could likely be done on a weekend if  
the right people were there, to which Martijn replied that funding  
for such an event could be available.


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