[OSM-dev] Potlatch delay loading way information

Robert Funnell robert.funnell at mcgill.ca
Wed Jun 25 19:48:25 BST 2008

When Potlatch is downloading ways to the client and the server is 
slow, the 'loading ways' message may disappear after the way geometry 
has been received (and is visible) but before the way attributes have 
been received. The ways are all displayed as grey. They appear to be
editable but their attributes are undefined.

It took me a while to figure out what was happening when this occurred 
this morning. The delay was very long. I don't know what the effect 
would have been if I'd added attributes to ways which already had 
them, which I almost did.

Would it be possible to have the 'loading ways' message stay visible
until all information has been received?

More or less related: would it be possible to have the 'loading ways'
message appear on a light-coloured background, to make it more 
visible? Sometimes it's hard to see against a dark background image,
especially with the laptop screen at a certain angle.

Thanks for your attention. (I love Potlatch. And it has several times 
seemed to improve in response to comments that I haven't even made 

- Robert

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