[OSM-dev] Special request for someone who has time [A clairon call.....]

Fire Girl firegirl at amorous.com
Mon Mar 3 16:33:57 GMT 2008

Hi, I am struggling with a problem.  I have been trying for weeks...
literally, to get a SQL database dump of the planet file.  Something
ready to generate maps from on a Windows platform.  I have tried porting
the .OSM file to a linux system.  I actually ran a procedure on Fedora 7,
PostGIS, Apache, etc.  Some good instructions were out there... and I
actually got the entire thing configured with some great pain.....It was
running for 2.2 days... and then it failed to pull up a map on the
running Apache.  All the stage by stage messages during the setup seemed
to be OK... the huge file ran with tons of insertion messages.... I
started up Apache, got to the default page... but blank hole no map. :( 
I am struggling just to get to point A with this data.  I will take any
age data,... but would be soo appreciative if someone out there would be
willing to generate a big SQL dump of the planet file and all associated
data needed to make maps and I'll break it down further and work with
it.  A Zip file?  FTP?  Anything. :)  Here is my clairon call and
hopefully someone can assist.

Please send me a private message.
Best wishes, %Fire-girl% 

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