[OSM-dev] Special request for someone who has time [A clairon call.....]

Sven Grüner sven at schunterscouts.de
Mon Mar 3 18:17:59 GMT 2008

Fire Girl schrieb:
> Hi, I am struggling with a problem.  I have been trying for weeks...
> literally, to get a SQL database dump of the planet file.  Something
> ready to generate maps from on a Windows platform.  I have tried porting
> the .OSM file to a linux system.  I actually ran a procedure on Fedora 7,
> PostGIS, Apache, etc.  Some good instructions were out there... and I
> actually got the entire thing configured with some great pain.....It was
> running for 2.2 days... and then it failed to pull up a map on the
> running Apache.  All the stage by stage messages during the setup seemed
> to be OK... the huge file ran with tons of insertion messages.... I
> started up Apache, got to the default page... but blank hole no map. :( 

Could you give some details on how you tried to render (ie. generate) a
map from the database?

Are you sure your database approach is the way to go at all? When you're
desperate for just some kind of map you should consider working with
osmarender directly from an osm.-file.

regards, Sven

Ps: People here might be better able to help you when you'd shed some
light on your motivation and project

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