[OSM-dev] Internet explorer 8 mess..

MilesTogoe miles.togoe at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 04:01:12 GMT 2008

Ulf Lamping wrote:
> MilesTogoe schrieb:
>> Yes, but only SVG should have to be supported - it's a world 
>> standard.  It would mean less conversion code and less code to 
>> maintain is important for any project.  And it would make things 
>> easier for direct SVG editing in OSM, easier SVG display integration 
>> across projects and custom applications, etc.  Thus, we should 
>> advocate browsers that adhere to the SVG standards that many of us 
>> are using and if MS feels the pain of users switching or ignoring 
>> their attempts to monopolize the market by ignoring SVG, they too 
>> will start supporting SVG.  Every other browser now supports SVG 
>> except IE.  Wouldn't it be great if the IE team could get off their 
>> duff and rise to the challenge of creating the fastest SVG rendering 
>> browser?  Think how much easier it would be not to render out to 
>> tiles.   
> Rendering SVG tiles with firefox is currently a pita (just tried the 
> osmarender JOSM plugin). It takes a *lot* of time and makes firefox 
> *very* unresponsive.

yeah I've also found SVG in FF2 to be pretty slow - seems much,much
faster in FF3.  But part of problem seems that the the SVG has to be
rendered out to tiles and then tiles out to browser - taking time and
memory. It seems to me that with a fast SVG renderer, couldn't we
someday just eliminate tiles and just draw vectors direct from db -> svg
rules -> to current bounds?  just thinking.  I realize web is slower
than desktop / video optimized systems but maybe if we have faster SVG
rendering browsers, maybe someone smarter than me can figure out some
sort of intelligent caching system that would work super fast.

> BTW: Are we on a crusade against IE, or do we want to spread OSM to 
> the world?

oh just for spreading SVG to the world  :)   and spreading OSM as well.

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