[OSM-dev] Internet explorer 8 mess..

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at web.de
Fri Mar 7 01:36:59 GMT 2008

MilesTogoe schrieb:
> Yes, but only SVG should have to be supported - it's a world standard.  
> It would mean less conversion code and less code to maintain is 
> important for any project.  And it would make things easier for direct 
> SVG editing in OSM, easier SVG display integration across projects and 
> custom applications, etc.  Thus, we should advocate browsers that adhere 
> to the SVG standards that many of us are using and if MS feels the pain 
> of users switching or ignoring their attempts to monopolize the market 
> by ignoring SVG, they too will start supporting SVG.  Every other 
> browser now supports SVG except IE.  Wouldn't it be great if the IE team 
> could get off their duff and rise to the challenge of creating the 
> fastest SVG rendering browser?  Think how much easier it would be not to 
> render out to tiles. 
Rendering SVG tiles with firefox is currently a pita (just tried the 
osmarender JOSM plugin). It takes a *lot* of time and makes firefox 
*very* unresponsive.

BTW: Are we on a crusade against IE, or do we want to spread OSM to the 

Regards, ULFL

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