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SteveC steve at asklater.com
Wed Mar 12 10:03:05 GMT 2008

development issues that are specific to editors, much like how there  
is a routing mailing list

On 11 Mar 2008, at 14:00, Robert (Jamie) Munro wrote:

> SteveC wrote:
>> how about an editors mailing list? a lot of the issues will cross   
>> betweek josm / potlatch / merkaartor ?
> What kind of issue crosses between all three editors, but doesn't  
> cross into general talk?
> All users of any editor (i.e. everyone) would have to subscribe, and  
> 60% of the messages will be irrelevant. If there /is/ a cross-editor  
> issue, it can stay on talk (or even dev).
> Robert (Jamie) Munro

have fun,

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