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> Van: Martijn van Exel <mvexel at gmail.com>
> Datum: 1 maart 2008 14:38:16 GMT+01:00
> Aan: Gervase Markham <gerv-gmane at gerv.net>
> Onderwerp: Antw.: [OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] Trouble in Rangoon
> Op 1 mrt 2008, om 08:42 heeft Gervase Markham het volgende geschreven:
>> Frederik Ramm wrote:
>>> Well I have been asked whether I'd be willing to "oversee the  
>>> project
>>> from a technical perspective and help [...] set up a technical
>>> project description for the funding organisation", and replied with
>>> the above.
>> Right; sorry, I didn't read back in the thread.
>>>> I may have misunderstood, but I thought NLnet were offering to pay
>>>> particular, named people to perform certain work.
>>> Maybe, but that wasn't what was discussed in this thread. I said  
>>> that
>>> the whole changeset/revert issue could likely be done on a weekend  
>>> if
>>> the right people were there, to which Martijn replied that funding
>>> for such an event could be available.
>> Well, he knows best of course, having negotiated with them. But it  
>> would
>> surprise me if they funded something as unstructured as that.
> I'm going to discuss the proposal with them first thing Monday. I  
> wouldn't actually be surprised if they would agree to fund a hack-a- 
> thon of sorts -- they do fund a lot of open source initiatives so  
> they should know these kind of projects defy most project management  
> defaults. See http://nlnet.nl/project/current.html for the projects  
> they support currently. We'll be in that list soon.

Followup: I spoke with my contact at NLNet and he's all for it, if  
that's the way forward in our opinion. So now we got funding to get  
some people together to kick off the rollback/history implementation.  
I think it will be an excellent opportunity to lay out the foundations  
for the SoC students to work on top of. Still a good plan? Who's in?  
Who wants to take the lead?

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