[OSM-dev] [OSM-newbies] URL for mobile binary protocol

Adam Boardman osm-dev at adamboardman.co.uk
Tue Mar 18 11:44:24 GMT 2008

> >I notice that some implementation (via PHPProxy) already exists. Is there
> >third-party mirrors
> >implementing this feature? Or can i help to integrate it into the current
> >OSM server?

I've started an implementation in Rails:

So far this patch just adds the idea of a bmap?bbox request, and 
supports supplying nodes with the beginings of the lookup table for the 
text->binary mapping.

Still a fair amount to implement, would be good to share a branch in SVN 
to work on this stuff amoungst those interested.

If you just want to play with the format you can get samples from the 
clickable slippy map: http://www.symbianos.org/osmtileselector
(something odd with mouse wheel zooming - just zoomout one tick and 
then in again and it works fine - but wait for your selected boxes to 
change colour before downloading)

The two versions selection at the top just select v1 or v2 of the format 
(08=v1, 09=v2), and also change the container from a zip to a 7z.



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