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Shaun McDonald shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk
Tue May 13 08:48:06 BST 2008

On 13 May 2008, at 00:52, Jon Burgess wrote:
> [...]
> I was wondering whether the gpx_import code would be a valid target  
> for
> improvement? I know people complain fairly often that the importer is
> backlogged. The code itself seems to be fairly straight forward and  
> has
> well defined input & outputs.

Would it be possible to run, say 3 daemons/threads at the same time,  
so that 3 gps tracks would be imported at the same time. This would  
mean that if someone uploaded one big trace, then it wouldn't cause  
too much of a backlog, as other traces would be able to be uploaded at  
the same time.

Some adjustment to the code would be required, such as noting that the  
traces has been taken for import by one of the daemons.


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