[OSM-dev] getway_history conversion to rails objects

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at metacarta.com
Tue May 13 09:26:56 BST 2008


In your Potlatch testing against potlatch reproject, you might also
check thegetway_history method.

I've changed (r7811) the method to use Rails objects instead of SQL.
using my little Python AMF tester, I've confirmed that the return from
before and after is exactly the same for the way that I'm passing in:

>>> call_potlatch("getway_history", 23921312)
[[[u'2', u'2008-05-13 06:20:11', u'1', u'Chris'], [u'1', u'2008-05-13
04:39:05', u'1', u'Chris']]]

(and the anonymous users will be reported as 'anonymous' still as well.)

One question: Is the datestamp format important? This format is
different from the format we use through the API: does the client depend
on the existing format, or could we change it to match the API going

Christopher Schmidt

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