[OSM-dev] getway_history conversion to rails objects

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Tue May 13 10:20:05 BST 2008

Christopher Schmidt wrote:

> In your Potlatch testing against potlatch reproject, you might also
> check thegetway_history method.

Great stuff, look forward to playing with it. :)

> One question: Is the datestamp format important? This format is
> different from the format we use through the API: does the client depend
> on the existing format, or could we change it to match the API going
> forward?

It's not significant at all - all it's used for is making the menu  
human-readable (so the user knows they're reverting to the version of  
2007-11-13, rather than just "version 3"). If we move to the more  
verbose API format, Potlatch can happily snip that into something - to  
use a seemingly voguish word - more sane.


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