[OSM-dev] 0.6 API clarifications and corrections

bvh bvh-osm at irule.be
Wed May 14 22:04:18 BST 2008

On Wed, May 14, 2008 at 11:40:40PM +0200, Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
> Now who is unilaterally making decisions? :) Sorry the wiki wasn't clear enough.

If you look at the irc log from tonight you 'll clearly see that
all I am looking for is documentation for the current state of affairs.

> It's supposed to be old_version and that what JOSM implements but I'm
> fine either way. The reasoning being that it's clearly not the version
> being uploaded and in some contexts (diff output) you might want
> old_version and new_version.

But apparently the server code expects version, not old_version.
Personally I slightly prefer version as it would then become
identical code from just saving the file.

> > - When creating, updating or deleting a single object the wiki
> > says that you need to add the changeset and old_version attributes
> > but does not state on which tag. crschmidt and me agreed on IRC
> > that
> >
> > * the changeset attribute should be on the osm tag
> > * the version attribute should be on the object tag
> At the hackathon we had quite a bit of discussion about this and we
> decided they should both go on the object tag (the reason escapes me
> right now, I'm sure it will come to me. something to do with being
> consistant with how the data will be retreived). This is also what
> JOSM implements.

This is inconsistent with section 1.5 of the wiki page on 0.6 that
says the changeset_id attribute should be on the osm tag for diff
upload. So it would be interesting to find out the reason for
this difference.

> Just as long as we end up with one way of doing it and not lots of variations.

Ain't that the definition of an API?

cu bart

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