[OSM-dev] DELETE + body not commonly implemented

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at metacarta.com
Thu May 15 02:20:57 BST 2008

One of the bigger changes in the 0.6 API from an implementation
perspective for clients may well be the use of a content body on DELETE
requests. kleptog found that to be the most difficult part of
implementing the changeset/versioning support for JOSM, I think, and I
think that a number of libraries may make this more difficult than one
would first assume, since DELETE+body is rather unusual.

There are two different ways to implement an alternative without
requiring changes to other code, neither of which would be particularly
difficult to implement, I don't think: 
 * Use ?query=string&args=forinfo
 * Use Version:/Changeset: headers.

Either of these will probably work in a wider variety of HTTP clients,
some of which explicitly don't support including data in a DELETE

What HTTP libraries are people using to talk to OSM? Do they easily
support DELETE with content body?

Christopher Schmidt

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