[OSM-dev] C++ implementation of the API

Stefan de Konink skinkie at xs4all.nl
Sun May 25 16:48:10 BST 2008

Frederik Ramm schreef:
> Hi,
>> Would it not be better to think about new services that could be offered
>> by OSM rather than putting a lot of effort into fixing something that is
>> not broken?
> While I agree that one should not over-engineer and try to be prepared
> for everything, if ONE thing is sure then that is a steadily (or
> explosively?) rising user base who will demand some kind of database
> access. It is just prudent to think about how we'll handle 10 times
> the load that we have today, instead of waiting until we have that
> load and then start complaining.

I've started with writing something C. I'll write a wiki page about it I 
guess :)


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