[OSM-dev] Duplicated nodes in Potlatch

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Sun Oct 5 20:01:27 BST 2008

David Earl wrote:

> And this underestimates it because Potlatch replaces any  
> created_by's on objects originally created by JOSM, but JOSM  
> doesn't replace Potlatch's created_by's.

Which is _really_ annoying for debugging purposes. ;)

But anyway, you are, as an unwise man once said, misunderestimating  
this. Matt was talking about "objects", and like I say, Potlatch  
doesn't write created_by on nodes (as of 0.10d, it won't even _read_  
them). There are currently 300 million nodes vs 27 million ways.


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