[OSM-dev] Duplicated nodes in Potlatch

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Sun Oct 5 21:34:47 BST 2008


this thread is really valuable for me as someone who writes an
osm editor. With respect to overwriting the "created_by" entry,
i was just copying potlatchs behaviour. So: What's the preferred
behaviour? Overwriting imho doesn't make much sense. But since
osm2go is in an early development change i thought it makes
much sense to be able to leave  fingerprint of my tool, so that in 
case of major trouble caused by a stupid bug in my tool there's 
a chance to find where my tool has done harm.

Why is this something the application does, anyway? The issue
is mho very similar to the user assignment which is entirely done
on server side. Since the clients all identify tjhemselves in their 
upload why doesn't the server also handle this?

The created_by is like the user a technical thing and
not really information related to the physical objects described. So
i never really understood why this is a tag and not an entirely different
thing like the user is.


Am Sonntag 05 Oktober 2008 schrieb Richard Fairhurst:
> David Earl wrote:
> > And this underestimates it because Potlatch replaces any  
> > created_by's on objects originally created by JOSM, but JOSM  
> > doesn't replace Potlatch's created_by's.
> Which is _really_ annoying for debugging purposes. ;)
> But anyway, you are, as an unwise man once said, misunderestimating  
> this. Matt was talking about "objects", and like I say, Potlatch  
> doesn't write created_by on nodes (as of 0.10d, it won't even _read_  
> them). There are currently 300 million nodes vs 27 million ways.
> cheers
> Richard
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