[OSM-dev] GPX proximity filter

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Oct 7 19:17:21 BST 2008


> recently I created some large tracks, spanning thousands of points and
> docents of kilometers. Checking the track for unmapped road segments is
> tedious work, so I set out the write software to help me. Writing the
> software took me two days which probably more than checking the tracks
> would have taken. Obviously I don't wont my work to be in vane,
> therefore I want to publish it (under GPL). You can have I look at
> www.petschge.de/osm/filtergpx/ . I'll polish the code a bit and out up a
> small page, but I wanted to here some feedback first.

How does this relate to the existing "osmtrackfilter" by Joerg Ostertag? 
I always thought that does the same.


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