[OSM-dev] GPX proximity filter

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Oct 7 19:57:42 BST 2008


>> How does this relate to the existing "osmtrackfilter" by Joerg Ostertag? 
>> I always thought that does the same.

> I had no clue that such software exists and was unable to find something
> like that.

Have you asked?

> If "osmtrackfilter" does the same as my software, I wasted
> two days. But than again I'm not sure what his software does and if it
> is able to handle large traces.

Neither am I! I just know that Joerg has used osmtrackfilter to 
semi-automatically import a lot of data at a time when we still had 
segments. It seems to me that it was quite sophisticated at the time in 
trying to find out what parts of the track are new and what parts are 
already in the database, but I don't even know if it supports ways. I 
just thought that you had perhaps built on top of that, as 
osmtrackfilter is in Perl, too.


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