[OSM-dev] GPX proximity filter

Patrick Kilian osm at petschge.de
Tue Oct 7 20:34:45 BST 2008


>> I had no clue that such software exists and was unable to find something
>> like that. 
> Have you asked?
I asked on IRC and tried to google for software to do the job. I even
found a reference to "osmfilter", but could not find it nor find out
what it does.

>> If "osmtrackfilter" does the same as my software, I wasted
>> two days. But than again I'm not sure what his software does and if it
>> is able to handle large traces.
> Neither am I! I just know that Joerg has used osmtrackfilter to 
> semi-automatically import a lot of data at a time when we still had 
> segments. It seems to me that it was quite sophisticated at the time in 
> trying to find out what parts of the track are new and what parts are 
> already in the database, but I don't even know if it supports ways. I 
> just thought that you had perhaps built on top of that, as 
> osmtrackfilter is in Perl, too.
Nope. Mine is a totally new piece of software.

Patrick "Petschge" Kilian

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