[OSM-dev] way 7062297, is this new?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Oct 9 07:41:58 BST 2008


Andy Allan wrote:
> I'd suggest that you calm down a bit. This behaviour is fully
> supported by the API, so your assumption that {wayid,key} can be made
> a primary key is the problem.


That being said, at least JOSM makes the same assumption, so as soon as 
you so much as touch the way in question with JOSM the duplicate will be 

This is an old hat. The API has always supported duplicate keys, and 
most of the software using OSM hasn't because it is just so easy to put 
things in a hash table.

Writing to a foundation member about anything that concerns OSM 
operations is just plain stupid because the foundation has no say in 
things like protocol and data model.

As for automatically removing duplicate keys with a script, this could 
be done easily and we might in fact do this pre-API 0.6 if API 0.6 does 
not support duplicate keys any more, thus reducing the amount of magic 
conversion that needs to be done in the Rails migration. But it is not 
something that requires immediate action.


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