[OSM-dev] Please wait : Loading presets.

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Fri Oct 24 08:23:53 BST 2008

sagar anand wrote:

> We created few accounts using the browser but it never sent back  
> any confirmation email. So, I went into the database and activated  
> the accounts myself. Now I was able to successfully upload few  
> nodes and ways using potlatch and josm but since recently whenever  
> I click on edit and put in my email and username, it comes with  
> 'Please wait: Loading presets' and stays like that forever. Tried  
> stopping - restarting ruby script/server but no luck. I am not sure  
> how to address this issue.  We are running critically short of time.

Have you looked at the Ruby error log?

tail -250 ~/osm/sites/rails_port/log/development.log

(obviously replace ~/osm with your own path)

"Loading presets" just means that Potlatch (the SWF) is asking for  
the various language and tag files.

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