[OSM-dev] OpenStreeetMap and X-Plane for collecting GIS data

Raphael Studer studerap at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 15:10:43 GMT 2008

Hi Ben,

> Is there a standard for "private keys"?  Are private keys even allowed?
>  Basically I am wondering if we can have "X-Plane:<x-plane specific data>"
> keyed onto point features, or whether we need to have our schema  be fully
> merged with OSM.  (Not sure which ways is best, I just want to know what my
> legal options are!)

Shure they are allowed.
You can tag whatever you want :)

The only disatvantage about using your "private keys". They wont be
rendered on some maps (Mapnik or osmarendere). But you (or someone
else) could also tell these renderes how to draw your "private keys".

> Also, do the schemas dictate minimum meta data, and if so, how is it
> enforced?  In other words, if someone puts a radio tower in with no AGL
> height, will the software or community flag that as illegal, or does it
> persist until someone corrects it?

No there is no enforcement about any data. Its absolutly legal to just add a
man_mande=communication_tower, hight=30
and no other tags.

There are some tools with "presets" of common tag groups, e.g. a
highway with a name.
Most of these "presets" could be easy extended with your needs.


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