[OSM-dev] Best way to validate user input

Ben Supnik bsupnik at xsquawkbox.net
Fri Oct 31 15:40:52 GMT 2008

Thanks everyone for the pointers - I'll have a look at these existing 
facilities...for the cycle, we dont' know yet, could be weeks, months, a 
year?  Long enough that the author of the erroneous data may have moved 
on to other projects. :-(


Iván Sánchez Ortega wrote:
> El Viernes, 31 de Octubre de 2008, Ben Supnik escribió:
>> Now I am looking at the problem of error detection. [...] it's a long cycle.
> How long?
>> - Somehow add visual feedback to the final map renders to validate user
>> data.  Since our data is appropriate to aeronautical maps this wouldn't
>> necessarily fit well with existing infrastructure.
> There are already "error-viewing" renders, such as cloudmade's NoName layer.
>> - Put validation features into the existing editors (JOSM), etc.  Is
>> there existing infrastructure for this?
> Yes. Have a look at the "validator" plugin for JOSM.
> Cheers,

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