[OSM-dev] [GSoC] A GPX photo stamper.

Tijs Zwinkels openStreetMap at tumblecow.net
Wed Apr 1 15:10:44 BST 2009

Hey All,

I'm Tijs Zwinkels and I'm a artificial intelligence major from the
Netherlands. I'm interested in building a GPX photo stamper to allow people
to easily geotag their pictures with the help of gpx-logs as part of the
2009 Google Summer of Code. Of course it doesn't take three months to write
a simple timestamp-matcher, but it will take time to do this right and make
this into a product that many people will use.

I have posted my
the wiki and submitted my application yesterday, but I do have some
questions left:
Even if you could answer just one of them, that'd be great! :)

- This project will probably eventually be deployed on one of the
OpenStreetMap webservers. What kind of limitations does this pose on my
choice of platform? The server-side of things seems to be heavily
ruby-oriented right now. Must this web-app be written in Ruby as well, or
can I use php-scripts, cgi-scripts (with or without fastcgi), or whatever?

- Any opinions about / ideas for my proposal?

- Anybody who would be interested in mentoring this project? Pretty please?
- Let me know, and I'll arrange things with the right people.

Tijs Zwinkels

Link to proposal:
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