[OSM-dev] ANNOUNCE: OpenStreetMap maps will be added to Wikimedia projects

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Apr 6 18:14:46 BST 2009


Erik Johansson wrote:
> True, but how do you acommodate these kinds of requests. As you say
> they are common, and that's probably because the osm servers are
> probably the best open source way for storing, editing and visualizing
> this kind of data..

I was saying there's no such thing as "flight paths" in an abstract form 
(that would be worth storing). If you record a flight path with your 
GPS, then all you have is historic information about one particular flight.

I'm all with you about having multiple layers to separate, say, historic 
Roman roads from today's. But by any stretch of imagination I cannot see 
OSM as a database of historic flight paths of individual aircraft.


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